Bale Loading Machine

  • Bale Loading Machine; It is a machine that collects prismatic bales waiting on the field and loads them on the trailer. The person on the trailer stacks the loaded bales accordingly. The machine takes its movement from the tractor spindle. The height of the machine can be adjusted by means of the hydraulic system on the machine.
  • This feature; It provides convenience in stacking process.
  • The powerloader is connected to the tractor via a towing system. The arrow is changed according to the job and road conditions. In addition, the collection port can be adjusted to different levels according to the rough terrain.



Width   (business location)              : 1880 mm

Width   (road location)                     : 1800 mm

Heigt (business location)                  : 1500-3500 mm

Heigt (road location)                         : 2000 mm

Tire Size                                               : 5,60-13



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