Press Brake 60 to





The pistons are precision ground and hard chrome plated to provide low friction and abrasion resistance when the piston passes through the felts.

The adjustable top tray slides are made from materials that are suitable for very low friction resistance. These beds are arranged for guiding to move the top table from right to left and front to rear.

Back gauge system is manufactured in accordance with environmental conditions. Back gauge bearings are made for heavy conditions

with double bearers. Scrapping type bearings are used against dust and other particles that will accumulate in the linear guideways against dusty environmental conditions.

The outer surface of the machine is painted with two layers of paint at least 60 microns in thickness to protect against weather conditions. Paint drying is done gradually in different time and temperature ranges in state-of-the-art ovens.
Standard Y1, Y2, X axis


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