DDP 640 4-Column Hydraulic Production Press

DDP 640 Typ 4-column presses 100 to



DDP 640 Typ 4-column presses for plastic processing

These presses are used to form, for example, rubber, plastic and plastic raw materials by heating in the tool. Compared to the other presses, these presses can keep the pressure constant in the desired time frame, fill the bubbles which are produced in the material during heating and thus ensure that the mold is produced without errors.

The DDP series has a capacity of 50 to 500 tonnes. The production takes place with table sizes according to customer requirements. Our products are customer-oriented and are based on different characteristics and characteristics which the customer pretends to us.

Standard features;
• double acting and hard chromed cylinder shaft
• Valves with overload protection
• Robust steel welding
• Hydraulic pump with European brand
• Pressure gauge
• CE compliant production


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