Feed Crushing Mixing Machine

  • Our production consists of feed crushing and mixing machine, crushing mill and mixed machine.
  • The machine has 2,5 – 3 tons of feed crushing and mixed capacity per hour.
  • The mixer time is 4 minutes.
  • It has a capacity of 500 kg.
  • The feed additive is added from the special inlet port.
  • It is recommended that chicken, chick, fattening and milk feed rations should be taken from the Provincial Directorates of Agriculture.
  • Feed crushing and mixing machine consists of double screw. Running one of the spirals inward and the other working outwards makes the mixture of feed more homogenous.



Crusher Motor :  15 HP 2930 rpm

Mixer Motor     : 10 HP 960 rpm

Main Motor      : 15 HP 3000 rpm

Width                 : 1700 mm

Lenght                : 2400 mm

Heigt                   : 3000 mm

Number of knives  : 32 Pcs.

sieve hole diameter : 4,6,8 mm


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