Hydraulic C-Type Mounting Press

Hydraulic C-Type Mounting Press 60 to



 Drawing, bending, printing, forming and part dropping processes for metal sheet.
 Production of Wooden and Plastic parts
 Manufacture auto parts and machine parts
 Manufacture house hold electric parts
 Manufacture steel sheet and aluminum doors
 Production of Tungsten alloys, Teflon parts
 Production fine ceramic and high-tech materials
 The installation of laboratory equipment
 The assembly and disassembly in drainage technology
 Used in metal and sheet metal industry and machinery parts, sheet metal products and complex steel structures
 The development, manufacture and installation of metal and sheet metal processing, precision industrial automation and machine parts.
 The production of medical devices
 The manufacture of ball bearings
 Used for pipe systems, wall art, rinsing, draining and separation.


  • User friendly (can be operated by one person)
  • Improved deformed-plate-surface-quality by making use of rolling (with optional roll unit)
  • Sturdy construction and proven design which is a guaranty for a long life-span
  • Service friendly design, low maintenance costs by using only high quality components and tools
  • Advanced control system with PLC

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