Our partner company has also a very important know-how in the field of industrial engineering. Since the establishment in 1995, the company has been doing production for the needs of the leading companies in its sector, especially in the automotive industry, such as hydro presses, test machines, production machines and production lines according to customer request.

Manufacturer Hidroser Pres
Address Hidroser Hid. Pnö. Ltd. Şti Nilüfer / Bursa
Telephone 0224 441 23 23
Product sales office Al-Export Product Marketing Center
Contact Person Mr. Alici Durmusch
Contact email  –




The machine concept and unique parameters are defined with the customer such as;

  • table size,
  • approach, working and return speeds of the ram,
  • hydraulic power of the press force,
  • the process regime through the upper too/, work piece and /ower tool,
  • the cycle sequences,
  • the power of the servo system of tool change table (far station shift),
  • die change consoles,
  • other kinds of automation equipment,
  • centralized slide / locking in top dead center,
  • emergency locking equipment of the ram in any position,
  • hardware and software configurations

Hydraulıc System

  • Hydraulic power unit is our own design and product.
  • Brand of hydraulic equipment is PARKER.
  • Cylinder and piston design correspond to high factor of safety.
  • Piston shaft is induction surface hardened and chrome plated.
  • Variable adjustable piston pump
  • Horse power control pumps
  • Reduced cycle times via prefix/1 valves
  • Applied pressure regimes, and speed of RAM is controlled via proportional valves.
  • Hydraulic system is as per CE norms
  • There are hydraulic clamping devices far tool changes
  • Modular design
  • Oil exchange at ground level
  • Oil filtration through additional circuit

Press Frame / Slıde Mechanıcs

  • Rigid H type frame (frame I ram deflection: O, 05 mm I 300 mm. Option: O, 03 mm I 300 mm)
  • Computer aided design (FEA) in stee/ p/ates
  • Bottom frame, upper frame and columns mono block or fastened upon application,
  • Residual stresses are removed from afi kind of we/d constructions.
  • Crown at the top for accessing the hydraulic power unit
  • Hydraulic bed cushion (option)
  • Lower scraper (option) / Bed ejector (option)
  • Press installation directly using foundation bolts (without dampening)
  • Press installation with insulation pads, far vibration dampening (option)
  • Rigid ram frame
  • Guided from 8 vertical bearing plates at four corners on the columns
  • Solid type slide lubrication
  • Ram parallelism control via servo hydraulic
  • Ram parallelism control via hydromechanics of impact shock dampeners
  • Hydraulic cushion at the ram

Controller / Electrıc- Electronıc Devıces

  • User friend operating system and HMI
  • Mobile or pendant panel tor operator with built-in touch screen, switches and buttons,
  • Operator guiding menu
  • Data acquisition system
  • USB interface
  • Ethernet connection
  • Safety control system (Piz)
  • Modem connection (for diagnostic)


  • Front and rear openings are secured via light barrier (Sick brand) and / or mechanical fence with electrical switches.
  • Ram is Locked at the top via side hydraulic cylinders – in the case of parking for set up or maintenance issues.
  • infinite slide locking (option)
  • Two hand start buttons
  • CE- Certificate

Presses can be optionally equipped with;

  • A hydraulic bolster cushion,
  • Cutting impact damping
  • Die change system,
  • Die carriages,
  • Die opening frames
  • Coil lines
  • Destacker
  • Tri-axis transfer units
  • Press line automation
  • Table traverse axis movement: Servo drive
  • Table traverse axis linear bearings: Graphite – bronze as per the strength against the payload.


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